Limited Company LEO - Embroidery  Ninh Khuong has boldly exploited the application of Art Embroidery hand in daily life to create products such as children's fashion, household items, decorations, etc. contribute to the wider promotion of this unique art of the people, creating a magical interference between Eastern culture and Western culture.

From the hands of Vietnamese beauty to the human origin of Vietnam and also introduce to international friends in a country man diligent and skillful in labor, creativity relentless rise in life new.


• Trademark Ninh Khuong born since 2001, so far has gone through 16 years of construction and development.

• The owner of brands: Limited Company LEO
• Office: 34 - Le Loi - Ben Nghe Ward - District 1 - HCM City
• Phone: 028. 3824. 6448 - Fax: 028. 3827. 9681
• Website: www.ninhkhuong.vn
• Ninh Khuong was established in 2001 at No. 40 Le Loi Street, District 1, now 34 Le Loi Street, District 1, specializes in children's clothing business, and decorative embroidery sold to Vietnam and domestic guests out.
• 2003 Ninh Khuong succeeded in penetrating export markets in Europe and Asia to seek foreign partners.
• 2004 expanded domestic wholesale and sustain exports.




• Name: Mr. Duong Hoan Tuyen





Domicile: An Giang
Qualifications: Master of Management


• Experience: 30 years in the profession Hand embroidery
• Social activities:
• Vice President in 2030, President in 2030 Biz Group.
• Technical advice Business Administration.


• Create more jobs for the labor component.

• Enrich the knowledge and prosperity for employees.

• Production of cultural products bearing traditional embroidery craft villages in Vietnam.
With achievements gained Ninh Khuong increasingly asserted its image in the hearts of consumers.  

Ninh Khuong want to lift yourself up to new heights with the development objectives:

• 2020: to become the leading brand in the fashion industry in Asia embroidery.
• 2025: the leading brand of international children's fashion

2030: Ninh Khuong products will be presented all over the world.



• Brand management Ninh Khuong 3 brands: Nkid, Kolala, Klinen