Care service baby’s birthday

(Application period from 01/01/2017)

    1. Incentive program conditions:

After the first bill and save customer’s information at Ninh Khuong systems.

  • Name
  • Number phone
  • Email
  • Address
  • Facebook
  • Baby’s name
  • Baby’s birthday

    2. Incentive Program details:

  • Month of Baby's birthday: discount 15% for all items (except discount items).
  • Special preferential for Baby's birthday in June and October ( Happy children's day and Happy anniversary of Ninh Khuong): discount 20% for all items (except discount items).

+ Special: Baby’s birthday on 01/06, 10/10: get lovely gift + discount 25% for all items (except discount items) can be apply before / after 3 days.

+ Month of Baby’s birthday, professional customer’s baby and 15% VIP customer’s baby: get lovely gift or Ninh Khuong voucher.