Security policy

   1. The purpose and scope of data collection:

  • The data collection on Website E-commerce including: name, Email, phone number, user ID, password, address (member). Ninh Khuong requires customers have to provide their informations when they sign up to use the service. Ninh Khuong will contact to confirm informations when customer sign up on ecommerce website to protect consumer benefits.
  • Ninh Khuong only saves details of customer order , Ninh Khuong doesn't save customer's bank account at payment process oncom Website E-commerce. Ninh Khuong will use customer’s personality identifiable information and some other information as (cookies, IP address, browser, etc..) to increase Ninh Khuong’s ability to respond about ecommerce web and service, to develop the functions, features and new service on the trend and hobbies.
  • Customers take responsibility and accountability for keeping secret and save user's activities diary, password and mailbox. In addition, the customers take responsibility for notifying tocom Website E-commerce about bad behaviors, break data security, save user ID, password of third party to solve the problems.

  2. The scope of using information: Website E-commerce use customer information for:

  • To provide order's products and solve problems ( fee delivery, exchange, product warranty...)
  • To send letters of thanks, the orders, service informations.
  • To prevent acts of sabotage customer account.
  • To contact and solve the special problems.
  • Do not use personal information of member, only use to confirm and contact for transaction.
  • In case of law requirement, com Website E-commerce takes responsibility for cooperate and provide customer's personal information to: people's procuracy, court, police when customers break the law. In addition, nobody can use customer informations.

   3. Time to store information:

Ninh Khuong will store customers's personal data  by our internal system in service process until customers want to cancel to use service or customers sign in to cancel service by themselves.

   4. Address:

  • Ninh Khuong individual household – 34 Le Loi street, Ben Nghe ward, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city. Phone: - Fax:(84-8) 38279681 – Email:
  • These tools can help users edit their personal data.
  • Customers can check, update, edit, delete their personal data anytime, or they can sign in by their user and edit their personal data via Website com or send the request via Email: Phone:, customer service will help to send edit link by Email when customer want to edit / check information or realize acts of sabotage.

   5. Commit to keep data security:

  • Ninh Khuong commits to keep data security at Ninh Khuong security policy. Ninh Khuong uses member’s information after get agreement from customer except other rules of law.
  • Do not use, transmit, provide to any third party about member’s personal information without customer’s agreement.
  • In case of hacker attacks host computer, customer information lost, Ninh Khuong will resovles problem at rule of law, tries the best to restore and notify to customer.
  • To keep security data at online transaction: Ninh Khuong red invoice…
  • Ninh Khuong requires customers have to provide their informations when they sign up to use the service: name, address, phone number, Email…and take responsibility for all information. Ninh Khuong does not take responsibility for incorrect information and solves any trouble for that.