Ninh Khuong– Customer-Centric Services

With over 30 years dedicated to the artistry of fashion, home, and bedroom products, Ninh Khuong Embroidery has proven to be a leading company in both product quality and services. Operating with a 100% Vietnam-based process, from ideation, design, and production, to hand-embroidering charming patterns, all the way to delivering the finished products to consumers.

Trust in the products

Trust in the product aimed at the line of hand-embroidered clothing for children, Ninh Khuong always prioritizes the safety of the little ones' health. In addition to safety, distinguishing factors such as skillfully embroidered patterns and sophisticated designs make Ninh Khung's products stand out. From Ninh Khuong's collections, mothers can easily find charming princess dresses with adorable and gentle styles or modern and elegant skirts and dresses for little princesses. Additionally, there are simple items like T-shirts and jeans for strong and personality-filled little boys. At Ninh Khuong, mothers can easily find lovely outfits for their little angels aged from 0 to 12.

Ao Dai's Ninh Khuong for little boys

In addition to clothing, mothers can also find cute accessories for their children such as knitted animals, baby shoes, hats, and books – all made from 100% cotton suitable for the delicate skin of children. Understanding that beautiful outfits cannot be complete without accompanying cute accessories, Ninh Khuong always updates and continuously develops accompanying products to help children look adorable and stylish.


Be proud of the customer services

On the other hand, customer service is also one of the things that Ninh Khuong always focuses on to provide the best for its customers. All customers who have made purchases at Ninh Khuong, even just once, can become loyal members. Taking customers as the criterion for development, Ninh Khuong always places the desires of customers as a guide for development, providing the best services.

Ninh Khuong's Store- Le LoiBen Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

Delivery Ninh Khuong children's fashion supports nationwide delivery. Free delivery for invoices over VND 1,000,000 within a 5 km radius.

Gift packaging All customers who come to purchase at Ninh Khuong stores will receive free gift wrapping for invoices over VND 700,000.

All customers who purchase and leave their information in the Ninh Khuong system become loyal customers of Ninh Khuong and Sun & Moon.

  • Points redemption

  • Special gifts for customers making purchases and accumulating points equivalent to VND 3,000,000.

  • VIP 5% discount when making purchases and accumulating points equivalent to VND 12,000,000.

  • VIP 10% discount when making purchases and accumulating points equivalent to VND 24,000,000.

  • VIP 15% discount when making purchases and accumulating points equivalent to VND 36,000,000.

    Ninh Khuong's Store- Le LoiBen Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

In addition, Ninh Khuong provides a range of free services for all customers who come to the store.

  • Wifi

  • Bottled water, candy, and snacks

  • Phone charging

Well-trained sales staff always provide enthusiastic, accurate, and personalized advice to meet the needs of customers.

Customers are always prioritized to receive promotions and information on new products easily through online channels: Website, Zalo, Facebook, and various e-commerce platforms (Tiki, Lazada, Shopee, Sendo,...).

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